The sun has set behind the distant hills,
A raging bonfire imitates her glow.
Priestess speaks blessing on the sacrifice,
The stones turned sanguine with the blood that flows.

We dance between the edge of fire and dark,
Where unknown creatures lurk beyond our sight.
Our bodies, instruments; the earth our drum;
Annual ritual and ancient rite.

Sweet mead has filled our heads with joy and song,
The earth has turned, let go of all you fear,
The sun is rising in the eastern sky,
All life renewed, gifted another year.


I have happily stumbled upon I Came For The Soup and a marvelous new writing prompt.  Take the third line, of the third stanza, of the third track of the CD you are listening to, listen to it three times, then craft a story or poem around it.

The song I chose was Loreena McKennitt’s Caravansarai.   Keeping with the theme of “three”, I made my poem three verses and kept the borrowed line as the third line of the third verse.  Since I can’t actually *paint* at work, I decided to MSPaint instead!  Three figures, of course 😉

I hope the prompter enjoys my attempt, and I hope you all enjoy it as well! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. 😀 🙂 I think what you have done is FANTASTIC! not only did you take this prompt and make it magically your own but you went above and beyond and created another art form along side the written word! Thumbs up all the way! The picture you painted with words is vivid on its own. The “painted” image just gives it even more depth. Thank you for participating.

        • I absolutely look forward to more! With my crazy life right now, inspiration doesn’t really visit so much as … send a post card to say “don’t you wish I was there? 😛 ”

          So prompts are a great way to slap my muse upside the head and remind her I’m still down here!

          • I completely understand that. I started this blog for that reason, my muse had reawakened and I didn’t want the fire to die out. I don’t know if you have skimmed through my blog at all but one of the things that I tend to do on a weekly basis is Free write, sitting down for 15 min and write whatever comes to mind. I find that I have a lot of bottled up creativity with loads of good content waiting to come out. Sometimes the muse is lazy and “chores” like free writing get her gears a turning.

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