The Sacred Feminine

Hands clap in sharp rhythm
Drum the dirt with my heels
Voice calls out to mother, sister
My body, the instrument of worship

Heart pounds and lungs ache
Skin alive with shadows and fire
Sacred blood, bearer of life
My body, a sacrifice to goddess


So my poem from this morning has gone on to further inspire the above, going hand in hand with my recent inner musings on the subject of femininity, and partially caused by some stuff I’ve been recently reading and watching documentaries about some of the Egyptian feminine deities, such as Hathor.  (thus my including a piece of embroidery I did several years ago that I don’t think I’ve ever had any excuse to show you before 🙂 )

In today’s Western world, it’s so hard to even *find*, let alone ground ones self in, the feminine when we’re surrounded not only by masculine, but the masculine idea of what feminine should be.  And I’ve realized this lately and am trying to… I guess embark on a bit of self-discovery of being a woman.


5 thoughts on “The Sacred Feminine

  1. Great stuff Heather. I have been thinking along similar lines. 60s feminism led women into trying to emulate men but it cut us off from our feminine nature. I think qualities like compassion and nurturing are feminine characteristics (regardless of your biological gender) but you are right, there is so much about being a woman that we need to reclaim.

  2. I agree! There is an image of what a woman should be (in many ways) that is made by men, and we should try and change that. Not that I have anything against men 🙂 but this sadly is a man’s world more than we even realize it.
    I love the poem and I absolutely love the embroidery! You are one talented woman!

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