A Second Chance

This is not a story.  Or at least, this is not my story.  This is the story of a friend of mine who really needs help, and even if I don’t have a very big following, any chance to get the story out is a good one.

I know everyone is strapped these days.  I’m half-broke every other week between paychecks, so I get it.  But sometimes we have a few extra bucks that we can offer to someone in need, and sometimes we don’t have anything we can offer, but we can pass along the information to others.

So I’m here to pass this along and hope that some of you can help, or some of you will pass it along.

A Second Chance

There are no ‘perks’ with this fundraiser.  But I’ll offer my own right now: If you contribute $50.00 or more, I’ll paint you something, sign it and send it to you.  If you contribute $200.00 or more, then pick any one of the stories (or two poems) that I’ve written here and I will hand write them using a real ink-dip fountain pen and bind it in a little book, sign it, and send it to you as a thank you for helping this woman keep her house.

In fact, for every $100 you can give over $200, I’ll do the same again, pick any story and you’ll receive a hand-written, hand-bound copy.

Who knows, maybe someday it’ll be worth a lot.  Consider it an investment.