A New Landscape

So I didn’t get a story done for yesterday.  Maybe New Year’s?

But I do have another painting to share!  My mother absolutely adores Chinese landscapes with the round mountains and waters and stuff.  So I decided for her present I would (try to) make her one.  Though having never done it before I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t turn out well.  Even now I’m rather amazed at how well it *did* turn out (even if I see flaws that I’ll have to work on for next time, it still turned out a lot better than I thought it would.)

She loved it, of course.  And it was so frustrating to keep it secret since as soon as I finished I wanted to yell HEY COME LOOK WHAT I DID! oh no wait, it’s for you, you can’t see it…

Anyway, now that the gift is given and it doesn’t have to stay secret, here is my Chinese inspired landscape:

Chinese Landscape ©2014 Eliza Murdock

Chinese Landscape ©2014 Eliza Murdock

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year

So, I have not entirely abandoned my hope of giving you a story for Christmas (yes, I’m pretty much looking at *you*, Sonja).  In the meantime, however, here’s something I painted 🙂

Rising Sun ©2014 Eliza Murdock

Sun Rising ©2014 Eliza Murdock – watercolor on canvas