Poetry Prompt #9 – Dead Language

“Quaere scientia,” he beckons,
Hand outheld for me to take;
His stride is so long
I take two steps to his one.

I wonder if that means
I have traveled twice as far?

“Quaere scientia,” he beckons.
A light shines only so far.
Into the dark, every step becomes
An act of faith the path continues on.

I wonder, if I have traveled twice as far,
Why do I feel always two steps behind?

“Quaere scientia,” he beckons;
The greatest gift that he has given me.
I struggle on toward the future
He worked so hard for me to have.

I wonder, if I am always two steps behind
How will I ever arrive?

“Quaere scientia,” he beckons,
Even after his footprints end
His hope for me is fulfilled
Every day I let myself learn.

I wonder at the vastness of knowledge;
It is not a destination, but a journey.

We Drink Because We’re Poets prompt 9

You know how Latin is always refered to as “the dead language”? I always found it to sound melodic, intimidating and celestial at the same time.

That is why this week I would like to task you with writing a poem that includes a Latin proverb.


I brushed off the rust and dust because I liked this prompt so much.  I didn’t pick a proverb but rather two words I already had:  “Quaere Scientia”  … Seek Knowledge.  In my SCA life, these are the words I have on my Arms.  They represent to me one of the most important gifts my dad has ever given me, the desire to learn.  They serve as a reminder that it is an everlasting journey.   Not a boast that I have sought it, but an imperative to seek it always.


2 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt #9 – Dead Language

    • Oh, I’m so glad you like it! Thank you. I actually wrote another poem also, but I’m holding on posting that because I want to turn it into a story first (and I don’t want the ending spoiled LOL) 🙂

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