A Moral Tale

There were two children who were told to go play. One child had many toys, the other child had none. The child with many toys would not share any toys with the other, not one! Though the child with many toys had far too many toys to play with all at once, even the unused toys were denied the child with no toys.

Eventually the adults, realizing the child with many toys was not sharing, and could not be taught nor scolded into sharing, gave the child with no toys a few new toys to play with.

Now the child with many toys saw that the child with none was given new toys, and wanted to have some new toys, too. The child with many toys screamed about how unfair it was that only the other child got new toys and not both of them.

The child with many toys then wanted the child who had before had no toys to share the new toys, but still did not want to share the toys that had been there before.  The child with the few toys refused to share because of only having those few.

The child with many toys cried again about how unfair it was that the adults had urged and scolded to share from the many toys, but that the child with a few toys was not only not expected to share, but that the child with many toys was again scolded for wanting to play with the few new toys but would not share from the many toys.

The child with many toys blamed the child with few toys as the reason for being scolded. The child with many toys was angry at the child with few toys for getting away with not sharing. The child with many toys hit the child with few toys for not sharing.  The child with many toys had the toys taken away was put to bed, all the time wailing about how unfair all of this was, and still never learning the lesson.

How many times in life are we the child with many toys.


I close my eyes

Barely perceptible
The wind brushes past my ear
Hushed as a whispered secret

The crowing of a rooster
Rustle of feathers shaking out the dust
And a chorus of peeping chicks

Exhaled breath through a soft muzzle
And the rhythmic grinding
Of fresh grass between teeth

This inadequate language
Unable to replicate
The pitched bird-songs from every tree

Or capture the buzz
Of the hummingbird’s wings
Hovering, climbing, diving

But a distant barking dog
And the click of a shutter
Pass easily into words and imagination

From across the hills
Echo the chattering hum
Of a diesel engine tractor

And the earthy rumble of hooves

You Didn’t Think I was DONE, Did You?

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Where’s my book? Um… >.>

Build-a-Me Workshop


Hey silly billies,

Do you miss the workshop?
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En Svensk Dikt

So, long time… I haven’t been idle, but I wanted to put something here at last, even if this is a tiny offering.  Among other things – writing a book, spinning 4 pounds of wool, embroidering, and painting pottery – I’ve now added on “Learn Swedish” to my list of ‘things to do’ – from a site called Duolingo.com.

And I can’t say I’m ready for a visit the land that makes up about a quarter or so of my heritage, but, being true to my spirit, I have already composed a little ‘poem’.

Det är min tallrik, det är min mat
Det är inte för dig, min katt

I won’t promise I got the syntax perfect, but I’m pretty sure it says:

This is my plate, this is my food
This is not for you, my cat

I’ll probably end up painting this in a plate.  Of course, I doubt it will do any good since my cats don’t speak Swedish ;)  But it’ll look cool with some kitty paw prints!

Hope all your years have started off well!

Dear 2015,

Do you mind if I call you ’15 for short?

I know we don’t know each other very well.  We only just met.  Part of that is my fault, I’ve known for a while you’d be coming and I confess, I didn’t prepare very well.

But I’d like to change that.  I don’t want to start off with the same mistakes my relationship with ’14 did.  And, let’s be honest, my relationship with ’13 and ’12 and… well you get the idea.

You’re only newly arrived but I already feel better about you than I did about some previous.  Some of that is what little I had prepared early.  Some of it is just the sense of hope and optimism that fresh beginnings can bring.  But some of it really is thinking we can be good together.

’14 ended with some troubling news, and some of it is still going on.  I really hope you can help fix some of the leftover problems that ’14 has left in its wake.  It wasn’t really ’14’s fault, these things were going to happen sometime, ’14 was just sort of in the way when it did, but there’s nothing can be done about that now.

Looking forward, I have some specific things I think you and I should accomplish together.  I didn’t get them finish before because either I wasn’t ready, or the year just didn’t seem right.  But ’15?  You seem…. right, somehow.  It just seems like it’s the right time.  I’m ready and I think you are, too.

I don’t want this to be just a winter fling, either, to fade away as spring comes, pushed out by other things.  I want us to really last, our goals and dreams to really have that staying power.

Part of accomplishing that is to really get to know you, to spend every day knowing how precious each one can be and not push off onto ’16 the things *we* should be doing together now.  I hope you feel the same way.

I know you’ll have a lot of surprises in store.  I look forward to finding some of them out.  I worry about discovering some of the others.  But if the past years have taught me anything it’s how to be stronger than I thought I was.

Now, in the spirit of working together… maybe you can help me find that planner I bought for you.  I know it’s around here somewhere. I have things I need to start writing in it.




P.S.  I’d really like it if you didn’t rush past as fast as ’14 did.  I’d like to take this slow and savor it a bit more.

A New Landscape

So I didn’t get a story done for yesterday.  Maybe New Year’s?

But I do have another painting to share!  My mother absolutely adores Chinese landscapes with the round mountains and waters and stuff.  So I decided for her present I would (try to) make her one.  Though having never done it before I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t turn out well.  Even now I’m rather amazed at how well it *did* turn out (even if I see flaws that I’ll have to work on for next time, it still turned out a lot better than I thought it would.)

She loved it, of course.  And it was so frustrating to keep it secret since as soon as I finished I wanted to yell HEY COME LOOK WHAT I DID! oh no wait, it’s for you, you can’t see it…

Anyway, now that the gift is given and it doesn’t have to stay secret, here is my Chinese inspired landscape:

Chinese Landscape ©2014 Eliza Murdock

Chinese Landscape ©2014 Eliza Murdock