We’ve Got Evidence

Yes, New York, it’s Donald T.,
Michael Cohen and Sean Hannity
All the monkeys in the circus
Are claiming to be out of work because
What a sight
Is on the TV
There’s talk of felony

We’ve got evidence
And with all this evidence
You will never, ever, ever,
Get off.

All who watch the news agree
We expect a guilty plea
Exercise your higher reason
As we investigate for treason
What could they be hiding?
Judge Kimba Wood will be presiding

As we sift evidence
There’s just so much evidence…

A wire transfer to a porn star might be just the tip
Suspicious Seychelles meetings and an undisclosed Prague trip
We’re reviewing every document for intent to collude
And maybe there’s a pee-pee tape of Russian prostitutes

Oh, we’ve got evidence, we’ve got so much evidence
And with evidence… evidence… evidence… evidence… evidence….
You’ll never get off!

Parody of “We’ve Got Elegance” from the musical/play Hello, Dolly!  Obvious references are obvious.

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