Nerdy Girl

From the desk of we drink because we’re poets (love the name), I was inspired to write a Nerdy poem.

Prompt: write a humorous poem, in any form you choose (I’d go with a limerick, though, just as a suggestion) about a day in the life of a nerd! You can be as nerdy as you dare!

I didn’t have to go far to find my inspiration: my desk at work.  Where I was sitting.  When I wrote the poem.  It is a ridiculously silly poem, but then, what did you expect?

And just to prove that everything I wrote in the poem was absolutely true, I took pictures.  😀


The things upon my office desk
I think make it abundantly clear
Exactly the type of person you’d expect
To find sitting and working here.

Sticky note origami flowers
Form a paper garden beneath my screen,
And my bag of multi-sided dice is
Behind the Loki figurine.

An XKCD comic strip
Is pinned by my model Serenity,
And sandwiched between file folders are
The soundtracks to Myst I, II and III.

The Halo 3 spartan desktop pic,
Thor and Iron Man cupcake rings,
And Lego hoodie on my chair;
Surely there can be no misunderstandings.

Think you’ve got me figured out?
Just one last detail to fill in,
Think you know whose stuff this is?
Nerdy girl with glasses, FTW!


Da proof:

0625030743(1)0625030743b 0625030744 Metington 0625030743a 0625030744aFRO


9 thoughts on “Nerdy Girl

  1. I just got over to this, and I see you did as you said. Impressive desk! Man, I need a job that will let me set my desk up like that without threatening to have security escort me out!

    And again, your poem is friggin’ fantastic! 🙂 I appreciate that you tried out the prompt! This is most definitely a winning piece, my friend!

    • The other day I slapped a “Passed Functional” sticker (that is, the sticker used to denote items which have passed functional test) to my forehead and walked around most of the day like that. When people asked me about it, I said “I passed functional test!” I put my smiley face stamp in the middle of it.

      Sometimes a little insanity is the only thing that keeps me sane.

      And yes, I have a smiley face stamp. I use it to reward my drafters when they do stuff that’s awesome. Like catch mistakes we hadn’t seen or remembering to scan out of each job in the new system. Horray for positive motivation. Kidergarten taught me well 😀

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