Opposites Attract

we drink because we’re poets Thursday Poetry Prompt #11: Dualism

think about dualism and the interplay of forces.  How are they connected?  How are they not?  Are they relevant to one another?  What is the goal?  To make a statement about the interactions of supposedly opposing forces.  The suggested form for this prompt is the Haiku / Senryu or, if you want to go longer than that, the Tanka form.


steam rushes upward
in violent battle where
fire and water kiss
passion’s embrace, ignited
opposition, united

Dysfunctional Dualism

if you leave I’ll hurt
so to make sure you stay   I
have to hurt you first

And a poem I wrote last year, but relevant to the prompt:

The Opposite Of War

The opposite of war
Or so I’ve been told
Is a warm light for all of
Mankind to behold

An enduring peace
Of innocence and mirth
But peace doesn’t build
Peace doesn’t birth

Peace is an absence
Of pressures and strife
But these are the things
Which define us in life

A holding pattern
Not living but waiting
Peace doesn’t destroy
But it isn’t creating

Because of all this
Say instead, I implore
That creation, not peace
Is the opposite of war


Writing Prompt #7: A Haiku

Pulling Rooms Together offered this brilliantly humorous haiku titled Lunar Cycle. I couldn’t help but offer a complementary verse in return.

deadbeat daytime sun

under bars every night but

the moon never learns

Pulling Rooms Together

Way more difficult than they appear, yet fun too, haiku are the ultimate poetry exercise. They strip poetry down to its bare bones (what we’re always trying to do in our poems anyway, right?) and yet they still remain startling and fresh. Traditionally, haiku focuses on nature, and juxtaposes two different images or ideas to form a metaphor. They should consist of 17 syllables in three “phrases,” or lines, usually in a pattern of 5, 7, 5.

My haiku is mainly meant to be funny. When Dorianne Laux, my workshop teacher, read it, she started laughing and said “There has been plenty of haiku written about the moon, but never that one!” I was pleased. I find serious haiku very hard to write. If you can do it, link to yours in the comments!

Lunar Cycle

Moon bikes miles each night,
becomes a skinny bitch. Then
gets knocked up again.

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Photo Challenge

we drink because we’re poets has also issued a photo challenge:

Last week we looked at the Chinese element of Fire…this week we will look at Water…not the Chinese element, which I’ll talk about much later, this time I want just Water.


So I would like to humbly submit: water at my house

put words here

Like the cross section of a tree,
You can count the rings
On the sides of my water barrel
Down to the rocks at the bottom.
I’m sure the tomatoes won’t mind
A few rose petals in their drink.

She asked why I believed in angels. I replied, because I've seen them.

She asked why I believed in angels.
I replied, because I’ve seen them.

All the diamonds in the world Would scare suffice When what is longed for Is water and ice.

All the diamonds in the world
Would scare suffice
When what is longed for
Is water and ice.

Rain collects on leaf In the palms of green hands and Strawberry blossoms

Rainfall collected
In the palms of green hands and
Strawberry blossoms

May I interest you in a cup of tea?

May I interest you in a cup of tea?


Haibun and Watercolor

I’m back!  From both my long, geeky weekend at PAX, and back from the mandatory overtime that has plagued me (but blessed my bank account) for the last couple of weeks.

And I have not returned empty handed, either!  I’ve written a couple of poems for the Writer’s Digest Poetic Form Challenge: Haibun Poem (not to be confused with a lowbun…)

Therein described, a Haibun is a hybrid of prose and haiku, and while I’m not entirely convinced I have the gist of it down pat, I did give a couple of tries that I will share (and one I will not share yet, but may come out at a later date when I feel it’s more… fit for public consumption).

Widow’s Walk

The crack of the hull carried even above the howl of the wind; the sea’s teeth tearing plank from plank as against the rocks the ship was lost. From the shore rose a wail, women who would ne’er again see husband or son drawn down into the bosom of the water.

There beneath the waves
Where the water babies play
Dance the six blue men


Daily News

The news isn’t the same in a war zone. Casualties list like weather reports, facts without emotion; any day you don’t know the names is a good one. Not every pop and boom is worthy of the front page, only the unusual or extreme are bothered with. Even then, news spreads throughout the city by the time the print is run, a record of the past rather than a herald of the present. Or sometimes, one of the literate will buy a paper and read it aloud to his neighbors over hand-rolled cigarettes and black market liquor to cut the cold and dull the nerves.

Children were playing
When an IED went off
Report seven dead

The first has an illustration in my head that I may or may not succeed in capturing on paper, given my rudimentary art skills.  However, I do have art from the weekend that I’m rather fond of, and if nothing else practice makes better, right?  It’s fun to play with watercolor.

Three Ladies by Eliza Murdock

Mother Earth by Eliza Murdock

Flower by Eliza Murdock

Creativity Dump

So, just a random assortment of cool stuff from this weekend (and a bit earlier).

1. Pens. This is why I should not be allowed to run out of henna. Because it doesn’t stop me. … yes, that’s my leg.  It is not tan.

WARNING: do not stare directly into the white girl without protective eye-wear. This image has been digitally enhanced to reduce glare, but prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage.

2. Towel day. So pretty when the wind makes them dance!

3. Pockets? OH BOY! I LOVE POCKETS! Green paisley pockets on pink plaid PJs and mint green pockets on purple stripped PJs. I DO WHAT I WANT!

4. Last but not least, to be or not to be, friends, Romans, countrymen…

My leather-bound Shakespeare came! … Fifty shades of grayeth?

5. My paper makes good watercolor canvas, also.

Give to me the rain
And the flowers all in bloom
There I will be home

As snows of winter
Which give way at last to spring
So my heart warms, too

[Since I am able to upload photos and use tags at work, I would say it is most definitely the update to Firefox that is preventing me from doing so at home.  I’ll try again tonight, if I still can’t get it to work I’ll post my CSA: Week 5 update from work tomorrow.