Merry Christmas

© 2013 Eliza Murdock

© 2013 Eliza Murdock

So I’ve been quiet again lately, but that’s only because we’ve been working 12 hr days/6 day weeks for… weeks now.  Which sounds like I’m working 72 hr weeks, but It’s really closer to 60 because if I work 7 to 7, that’s 11 1/2 hrs because I have to take a half hour lunch, and then Saturday is always a short day, so I usually use it just to make up about 4 hours and that’s it…

But still, it leaves me utterly exhausted and entirely uncreative, except for a few doodles one of which I decided to turn into a Christmas card, above.

The scan didn’t capture all the colors, the eggs are actually brown, white, and blue, because those are the colors my sister’s chickens lay, but whatever.  At least you can tell they’re eggs!

Hope all of you are staying warm and comfortable this Holiday season, and blessings for a very happy New Year.

Hopefully I’ll be back with more creations next year! ❤


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