Days Gone By

In fourteen-hundred and ninety two
Just a bit before me and you
And yet the repercussions of that year
Echo still within my ears
Each time I hear the news stories
Of Reservation tragedies

The fifteen hundreds ushered in
European trade in black human skin
From ruled to rulers they became
About-face in a vicious game
Intent on turning blood to gold
One nation to the devil sold

By sixteen hundred, Irish, too
Were slaves across the ocean blue
In seventeen seventy-six we see
The lie of a land of liberty
Eighteen hundreds, gold rush days
Chinese labor, and trails blazed

Nineteen hundred, suffrage passed
The other half can vote at last
But only if your skin was white
Another bloody fight for rights
A war that’s waging still today
Unequal schools, unequal pay

Two-thousand thirteen’s almost done
Yet so many fights still to be won
History is replete with stains
So can someone please explain
Why we still nostalgically cry
About the bloody days gone by?

Bastet’s Pixelventures: November 12, 2013

Prompt:  I’m walk down memory lane!  Take a walk down memory lane too and show me something that reminds you of by-gone days!  For those of you who prefer to write rather than snap a photo, you can participate by writing a piece of flash fiction or a poem about by-gone days.


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