No White Knight

Ugly.  That’s what you are.  I’m getting sick just having to look at you.  Red blotches on your face and pimples on your chin.  And don’t even get me started on your weight.  Fat.  Fat and lazy.  You ate a whole cake for dinner.  Why don’t you try getting off your ass and doing something instead?  Stupid.  Are you too stupid to realize that your fat is your fault?  It isn’t a medical condition, it’s stuffing your face until you want to throw up, you disgusting pig!  You can’t do anything right.  Oh, you’re crying now?  Pathetic.  You won’t get any sympathy.  Don’t deserve any.  This is why no one will ever love you.  Worthless.  Useless.  Why don’t you just kill yourself.

She let her tongue fly
Rapier sharp words, striking
At the mirror’s face


19 thoughts on “No White Knight

  1. Make no mistake, powerful words reaching into deep fears – building up to make the haiku – really good connectiom between the prose/haiku. Really quite intense. Reminds me uncomfortably of Bjorn from Sweden here on wordpress, and myself, warning people that the writing may get dark as Autumn comes and has an effect on those in northern climes, especially directed back, like a mirror. Your comment above was lyrical too! “Sorry. The cake was a lie. A tasty, tasty lie”. Thank you very much, powerful, almost traumatising words. An innovative haibun with the seamless link to haiku.

    • That’s likely very true, I live rather northerly, though not as much as Sweden. Still, this had multiple inspirations, to be fair, so it wasn’t entirely the darkening days. I had just been in a conversation the day before about how we put ourselves down and such.

      “The cake is a lie” is a rather (in)famous line from a (darkly humored) video game called Portal, so I can’t take full credit for that one 😉

  2. Very intense piece of writing. Anger’s barbs thrown at the self. It’s a shame I knew Mirror was the word because I knew what was coming but I really don’t think anyone else would. Well written indeed.

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