Enticing to Play

Vacation Poetry Challenge # 1 by we drink because we’re poets (wdbwp)… it hurt not to make it rhyme.

It consists of 50 lines.  The first two begin with the same word, the second with the last word of the second line,..until we get to line 48, when you take the last two words of lines 47 and 48 to conclude the poem…I goofed on mine, the last two words should come first from line 48 then end with line 47. There should be no punctuation…and when read aloud pauses should only be made for breath.

The phrases should be brief but at least two words should be used.  The title must be just 3 words this is what Shadow Poetry tells us about the title:

The title must be only three words, with some sort of preposition or conjunction joining the first word from the third line to the first word from the 47th line, in that order.

Oh…by way…use the acronym wdbwp as the first word of the first two lines of your poem.

Enticing to Play

wdbwp proposing
wdbwp enticing
enticing dancing with my muse
enticing kindling inner desire
desire for the creation
desire to then create
create a connection
create a reflection
reflection of meaning
reflection of soul
soul caught in a picture
soul of the moment
moment caught my eye
moment sliding
sliding between us
sliding beyond
beyond the rivers
beyond the hills
hills of purple and emerald
hills of sacred stones
stones set and aligned
stones of stars ringed on earth
earth, fire, and water
earth, air, and dreams
dreams of distant landscapes
dreams of sidereal times
times yet approaching
times racing away
away through my fingers
away through my mind
mind wandering in ethers
mind altering thoughts
thoughts jumbled together
thoughts strung out on a line
line up one by one
line carved in the sand
sand flowing seas
sand flowing through glass
glass though unbroken
glass under my feet
feet travel without aim
feet weary with every fall
fall colors crimson gold
fall into a pile of leaves
leaves like dried words
leaves me a child playing
playing with nature
playing with sounds
sounds of


Now a picture dump of what I’ve been painting lately 🙂  I’m not happy with all of them, but they’re all helping me grow, and definitely helping me understand how the medium works.  Enjoy!

Rain © 2013 Eliza Murdock

© 2013 Eliza Murdock

White Tree © 2013 Eliza Murdock

White Tree
© 2013 Eliza Murdock

Islandscape © 2013 Eliza Murdock

© 2013 Eliza Murdock

Edge of Night © 2013 Eliza Murdock

Edge of Night
© 2013 Eliza Murdock

Blue Islands © 2013 Eliza Murdock

Blue Islands
© 2013 Eliza Murdock

Autumn Sunrise
© 2013 Eliza Murdock


6 thoughts on “Enticing to Play

  1. Wow! Good show here and love some of those watercolors…inspires me to take out mine and see what I can come up with! Thanks for your enthusiastic participation!

  2. The poem is wonderful! I had a feeling while reading it that I was taken on a journey. That’s the best I can describe what I felt. Love it!
    And the paintings are amazing! My favorite is the last one. 🙂

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