October 31st


I’m not even going to think about how long it’s taken me to post something, nor that this was the first thing I’ve managed to actually finish writing in… ooh, over 2 months?  The important part is- OOH LOOK OVER THERE!




Did that work? No? Okay well, here, thanks to we drink because we’re poets I actually wrote something.  And then I used MS Paint to draw, because I have art to show you, but I haven’t gotten around to actually getting any of it into my computer, so in the mean time, enjoy some themed stuff and I’ll try to post something more substantial soon!

Monday Poetry Prompt #27: Old Hallows Eve

Fear Itself

The echo of steps
Not quite in step with mine
Breathing too marked
To be a trick of the wind
Hair on my neck
Standing straight on edge
My ears throb
With every pulse
A tingle in my skin
A twisting of my gut
A scream not quite out of my throat
When I turn and see
Nothing there.



We had our company Halloween party last Friday, because today is ‘end of month’ and too crazy to even contemplate taking an hour out of the middle fo the day to have fun, so we did it Friday.  I dressed up, see?  In my medieval Turkish garb.  Even though I did try to bribe the judges with a dance… I didn’t win the costume contest, but I didn’t expect to.  It wasn’t very “Halloween-y”.  The pirate, ET, and Dude from the Big Lebowski won.

Me and my partner *did* win the Pumpkin Bowling, though.  That’s where you take a smallish pumpkin and roll it at bottles partially filled with water to help give them weight.  Half way through, after three of the four pumpkin bowling balls had been destroyed, they made us turn around and bowl backwards through our legs.  That was not convenient, given what I was wearing.




And here’s some MS Paint art that I promised.  A misty scene and yesterday’s sunrise.  I’ll post more watercolor this weekend. 🙂








4 thoughts on “October 31st

  1. A great Halloween poem – it makes the hair stand up on my neck! I think your costume is great, even if it wasn’t convenient for rolling pumpkins backwards through your legs. That’s a funny visual.

    Your Paint artwork looks like art. My Paint artwork looks like the work of a kindergarten child.

    Nice to see you post 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 The Turkish is actually from my Turkish SCA persona, and a holdover from my middle eastern dance days. It was terribly difficult to bowl backwards between my legs in, but the hardest part of it was keeping my glasses from falling off long enough to aim! 😀

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