Daily Prompt: Dream Home

Sometimes The Daily Post offers up a prompt that is just too delicious not to take.  Especially for someone who pines for her lost architecture career and has recently been wanting – but too broke – to do more home renovations.

And then this comes along:

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

With a squeal of delight audible only to dogs, I opened AutoCAD and got to work to once again draft yet another set of plans for even more dream home ideas.

Because let’s face it, asking an architect to design their one dream home is kind of like asking a chef to make the one meal they’ll eat for the rest of their lives.

And my dream home will always depend on the exact circumstances of my life at the time, of course.  I have no kids, so guest rooms and craft/art rooms will replace the bedrooms.  This set of plans has a lower floor area of 1,289 square feet and an upper floor of 919 square feet for a total of 2,208.  Still within the manageable range for cleaning, a bit larger than my house now, and most importantly, more bathrooms!

Among the features that make this my dream house are the attached greenhouse, the library with reading nook (which is to say: a bed set into the shelves for good proper book cuddles with cats and tea during a thunderstorm), a nice walk-in pantry, mud room to hose down the people and animals when they come in from the mud, or to catch snowy boots.  I just realized I didn’t put the washer and dryer in the mud room but rest assured, they would be there in my dream house.

There is room in the entry way for a coat tree, a bench for shoes, and perhaps fresh flowers in spring in a little table beside the window.  I love the way the rooms flow into one another.  The kitchen has easy access to and from both the living room and dining room, who also access one another while maintaining a level of privacy as well.

Upstairs, all the bedrooms have walk in closets, and the (theoretical) kid’s rooms are separated by their closets to (hopefully) reduce the amount of annoyance one child can cause another.   But as I stated earlier, their actual use would far more likely be guest rooms or sewing and craft rooms.

The master bedroom has a private deck to watch the sunrise, and a nice big tiled shower.  The second bath separates the sink from the toilet and tub area to allow for multiple use at once.  Though they are on the same floor, the bedrooms are separated enough to allow for a measure of privacy.

The house would be laid out with east oriented up, so the green house would face full south, the kitchen would face east, and the library would be tucked up north, with the entrance on the west side.

Now all I need is about… oooh, $200,000 to build it.

So for today, this is my dream home.  I’ve drawn them before, I will continue to draw them in future, but just for today, this is my dream home.


Main Floor Plan
1,298 square feet
© Eliza Murdock 2013


Upper Floor Plan
919 square feet
© Eliza Murdock 2013


And just for the curious, other iterations of my dream home have included – but are not limited to – a library with just enough amenities to make it habitable, a hobbit hole to go in the side of my hill, a castle (on the smallish side), and a yurt.

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Dream Home

    • Thank you! Though I admit, I rather do like my house now, there are some things I keep thinking it would be nice to change. It wouldn’t take much, but it’s a bit beyond me at the moment. 🙂

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  6. That is a beautiful floor plan – both floors. I love the way the bedrooms are separated. The library off the great room is perfect. I like plants, but I hate bugs (I get eaten alive outside) – greenhouse solution is the best of both worlds. But, when you said mudroom, I was in love 🙂

  7. When I was young and everything was possible, my sweetheart and I planned our dream home. For me, it’s always been more about the aspect than the floorplan, and I still have that image in my head as the perfect home. I don’t have autocad, but maybe I can do something in Visio…hehe.

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  9. I would love to have a house like this. It is absolutely perfect for me! Every single thing is just how I would like it to be! Oohhh, if only I had the money for a house…you would be my architect!

  10. I love this, and I love your thoughts about how dream homes change! One thing to add, if there were kids and not crafts involved, would be a tiny doorway between the closets. Ours had a tree painted on the one side around the doorway so it was a “fairy door” and a castle on the other side. “Why are you painting pictures in the closets?” was a question a bunch of friends asked until they saw the kids playing with the ideas. …and the fairy & Peter Pan costumes were in the one closet and the Knights in Armor and dragons in the other…. 🙂 Now, I’m dreaming about doing something like that for my grandkids.

    • I’ll have to claim bias with my own sibling growing up. A door would have compounded the issues, but I’d like to think other siblings may get on better than we did so that is a very excellent suggestion indeed! One of my favorite things I ever saw was a reading nook tucked under the stairs.

  11. I would love to see how AutoCAD handled designs for a hobbit hole! Sounds like a charming addition to any home.

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