Opposites Attract

we drink because we’re poets Thursday Poetry Prompt #11: Dualism

think about dualism and the interplay of forces.  How are they connected?  How are they not?  Are they relevant to one another?  What is the goal?  To make a statement about the interactions of supposedly opposing forces.  The suggested form for this prompt is the Haiku / Senryu or, if you want to go longer than that, the Tanka form.


steam rushes upward
in violent battle where
fire and water kiss
passion’s embrace, ignited
opposition, united

Dysfunctional Dualism

if you leave I’ll hurt
so to make sure you stay   I
have to hurt you first

And a poem I wrote last year, but relevant to the prompt:

The Opposite Of War

The opposite of war
Or so I’ve been told
Is a warm light for all of
Mankind to behold

An enduring peace
Of innocence and mirth
But peace doesn’t build
Peace doesn’t birth

Peace is an absence
Of pressures and strife
But these are the things
Which define us in life

A holding pattern
Not living but waiting
Peace doesn’t destroy
But it isn’t creating

Because of all this
Say instead, I implore
That creation, not peace
Is the opposite of war

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