Something Old

we drink because we’re poets Weekly Photo Challenge – 3: Old

“something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…”

And there it was…something old!

In a world that exalts novelty…get this brand-new giggling joppity great new fantastically never seen before variation of our dish soap… where youth is the by-word and be all of our age…I propose that we look for the venerable!

My “something old” is this gorgeous, vintage sewing machine, lovingly donated to me when my old machine broke down by my dear friend.  It has since been again retired, but the beauty and power of this old machine can’t be matched.

Could we but mend our torn lives,
Patch the holes in our spirits,
Rethread our dreams
With such elegance as this.


16 thoughts on “Something Old

  1. That is beautiful…it reminds me of my mom’s old sewing machine it had it’s own bit of furniture too! This is a wonderfully reflective poem…

    • Oh yes, this one is designed to sit in a sewing table, but I don’t have one. There is something just so lovely about old sewing machines, though. I think the only thing I actually wish was different was that it was a treadle instead of electric, then I could sew when the power goes out!

  2. You are so right, they don’t make them like this anymore. These were a quality machines, and SO pretty! There is one like this in the attic in my parents house, and I hope to one day have the room to display it in my home.

    • I need to take this one in and get a little work done on it, then I’ll probably use it for heavier duty sewing. I snapped two needles on the machine my sister gave me on one project! Too many layers of denim. This old machine would have sewn through it like silk. ❤

  3. What a beautiful picture and a great gift. This reminds me of my grandmother’s old machine. I owned it for a while, but it started eat every fabric I ran through it.

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