Sister Moon

Inspired by we drink because we’re poets Monday Poetry Prompt #11

For today’s prompt, I would like you to pick an object – any object – and describe it.  But don’t just describe as you would to, let us say, a forensic sketch artist.  Describe as you would to a child with a penchant for fantasy.  What I mean is, describe it in metaphors and similes.  Transform its characteristics and use “like” and “as” to compare it something else.  Try to compare your chosen object to things it would be a stretch to compare it to in common conversations.

Oh dear, and I hope I’ve done that!

Sister Moon

A shining, pale platter,
Upon which, I dream,
May be found tea and cakes
And fresh, clotted cream.

Or perhaps a balloon
Sailing so very high;
I’m sure we can reach it
If we give it a try!

Then again, just perhaps
It’s a silvery nest
For night-birds and owls
In daytime to rest.

But, my sweetest, for you
It’s a light to shine bright
And keep you in peace
Throughout all the night.

For dear sister Moon
Still offers reflection
When the sun dips away
To hide golden complexion.

(and suddenly I’m imagining a children’s book where the characters fly to the moon on night-birds, and have tea and cakes, and play with balloons until the sun comes up and chases them all back to their beds.)

Behold my bad sticky-note art! 😀 (or at least, bad camera phone.  I’ll try to take a better picture with a better camera later.)


Okay, so I got a better shot of my doodle, and while I’m adding it so you can see the detail better, I’m leaving the ‘bad version’ because I honestly love how the moon looks like it’s really glowing above!



8 thoughts on “Sister Moon

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