Contest Update

Dear *cough*Eliza*cough*,


You’ve successfully made it through First Round Judging in the WOW! Winter 2013 Flash Fiction Contest. Your entry has officially been given the thumbs-up, and you’re well on your way!

In the sections below, you’ll find information on first round judging, your contest schedule, the new flash fiction contest, and information about your guest judge for the Winter ’13 contest, literary agent Jennifer DeChiara. Enjoy!

Q: What exactly is “First Round Judging”?

A: First Round Judging means your story has made it through the first cut. Our round-table of guest judges have scored all of the contest entries, and based on those scores, we have narrowed down the entries to the top 50 or so. That means your story beat out over 200 other stories. That’s quite an accomplishment!

As you know, we have 20 winners total. So making the first cut does not necessarily mean you will automatically win a prize. We send out this email to inform you where we are in the process, and to let you know your story is excellent and you have a very good chance of placing.

What happens now: From here, we go through another round of judging, and final judging by our prestigious guest judge of the season, to get the entries down to the Top 10, and 10 Honorable Mentions. This is when we send a second email notifying you if your entry placed in the Top 10. We also try to notify Honorable Mentions, if time permits.

Next, our guest judge carefully selects the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners. When we find out who the top 3 are, we begin assembling the contest winners’ feature for publication in the next issue of the WOW! ezine. At this point, we do NOT notify the top 3 winners, since we are working as swiftly as possible to get the webpage up.


I sent Indian Paintbrush in this time and just got the notice back today I’m still in the running.  What a feeling!  😀

Last contest I made it in the top 20.  Maybe this time I can hit the top 10?


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