Prescription (Rx)

Prescription (Rx)

Burn desire out of every moment;
The essential oil of life
Distilled and extracted
Then drip-fed through an IV
To burn the veins and singe the heart.

Fill apothecary jars with experience
Arranged, corked and labeled
On the spice rack of daily doses –
A pinch of fear, a dash of wonder –
The aroma of fresh brewed excitement.

Hold you breath until your lungs
Remember what it is to ache for air
Then break the surface and shout.
Leave the casts to the broken bones,
These medicines shall mend your soul.

Forgot to post this Wednesday when I wrote it, but here it is.  Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt

For this week’s poetry prompt, I want you to take one of the following lines and make it the first line of your poem. All these lines are taken from my personal notebooks, so they’re not especially wonderful–just some random places to start. Feel free to take liberties with these openings (the important part is the poeming).

  • She’s been thinking about things that don’t need thinking
  • I’m not sure who I am or what I want
  • The world, a helicopter seed spinning
  • Burn the want out of every moment
  • My bed is a planet
  • Trees hide the better views


This is also my 100th entry on this blog!  🙂


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