Oh dear, oh dear!

I don’t usually follow the Word Press challenges, not that they aren’t interesting, but often times the challenge they come out with is something I’ve just done, which then always feels a bit odd to try to redo it just for that.  Or it’s something that isn’t quite my focus, or something that catches my attention but then I forget about it, or any other number of reasons why I don’t end up doing them.
But this week’s challenge presents me with a real challenge. Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different.

Which states:

So this week, we challenge you to step outside your blogging box and try something totally different:

  • If you normally write non-fiction, try fiction.
  • If you normally write fiction, try poetry.
  • If you normally post photos, try writing.
  • If you normally just write, try including photos.

And therein lies my problem.  I already write.  I already write fiction.  I already write poetry.  I already post photos (art).  And I do, occasionally, post non-fiction.  I’ve even posted environmental stuff.

I’m actually having trouble figuring out exactly what I haven’t done already to try!

So for you lovely people who follow me and/or stumble across my blog, I have a request to make of you: what would you challenge me to do?  What ideas do you have that I haven’t tried yet?  I am all ears and eager to have at some new spark of inspiration, so please share whatever comes to mind!


19 thoughts on “Oh dear, oh dear!

  1. I challenge you to write something based on/inspired by your last THREE completed paintings. Can be three separate works or one combined one.

  2. You could make a cartoon strip. It could be anything you want.

    You obviously have the artistic talents. You would just have to combine that in a new way.

  3. Try weaving! lol! Maybe on a small cardboard loom, easy to make for a small piece of art. You could weave with anything you have – if you don’t have yarn, try grass and leaves, plastic bags, cat hair? There are so many possibilities!

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