I realize I may not have properly prepared you for how my muse works.

I know I started out posting writing, almost exclusively.  But as I’ve noted earlier, I can really only do one artistic endeavor per day, and currently my muse has sunk her teeth into painting and won’t let go.

I even tried to write a story using the following picture as an illustration.  I got three sentences.  Three.  Instead, I just went and made another painting.

And then today I made yet another, which I wish I could accurately convey to you how much this was *not* the picture I had started painting, but that as I went, it turned into this and I could not be happier with the result.  (remember, I did warn you to expect more Autumn-themes)

Sometimes I just need to switch creative gears, sort of like letting the writing part rest a little, but the muse still needs to express so I find another way to do it.

I’m still writing, just… very little and very slowly when I do.

And yes, I am very, very sorry that I left that sci-fi fairy tale hanging like I did.  I will finish it, I just don’t know when.  But I *will* finish it.

In the mean time, I really hope you guys like my art as much as you’ve liked my writing! ❤

(If not, I understand totally if you stop watching me.  It’s cool!)


The verdict is officially in: not only do I absolutely *love* watercolor, I apparently really like trees.


2 thoughts on “Forests

  1. I LOVE your paintings! They have a wonderful atmosphere, a story in them. I would love to tell you those stories, but I’m afraid my English is not that good to explain exactly what I want. 🙂 But I do see that and that’s why I love them.
    I also switch to another “creative road”, almost daily. It’s kind of a refreshment for my brain. I weave, then I turn to crochet or making books. And it’s always interesting and fun.
    I absolutely enjoy seeing your art, in every form. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I am so glad I gave myself a chance in watercolor. It is quite intimidating to see the masterpieces that others have made, but it’s also so elating to see what my own hand has created!

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