Watch That Last Step

Welcoming winter with bare arms,
The trees at once drop their coats
As we don ours against the frost.
Wind echoes the coyotes in the hills
And all turns from green to red to brown.
Yesterday was too warm, today too cold;
Autumn comes not in a season
But in a single day.


Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 195

For this week’s prompt, write a sudden poem. The poem could be about something that suddenly happens. Or it could be just whatever words suddenly spring from you. Or… I’ll let you decide what a sudden poem means for you.

It seems to be the same every year, that moment when “suddenly” it’s Fall. Not a slow, gradual decline into it, but a single pivot between the two seasons, like walking through a door into another room.

I foresee more Autumn-themed arts in my future. It’s always been one of my favorite seasons, not to do with any of the holidays exactly, but because it’s the end of Summer, which has always been too hot for me. It’s a return of the rain (which I’m still waiting on, Miss Mother Nature!) and the darking of the skies, and the fluffing up of all the animals.

It heralds my favorite comfort foods (look for my garden-vegetable muffin recipe soon!), hot drinks, and blankets by the fire… it’s a time when family comes closer together it seems. It *does* have the most family-centric holidays of the year and something about being alive and warm when it’s cold and ‘dead’ outside just lends a weight to life you don’t get in Spring.

Spring is the counterpoint to Autumn in all its ways, when we climb out of our hibernation and greet the world again, when we’re lifted out of the darkness and gloom and spread our wings into life.

But Autumn will always be my favorite.


2 thoughts on “Watch That Last Step

  1. The poem is beautiful! Here in my corner of the world, the Autumn is coming very slowly. The temperatures are still very high, yet the leaves are turning from green to yellow and brown, and to me it looks a bit strange, although it’s nice to still have some sunshine to lift my spirits. Yes, Autumn is charming, but not my favorite season. πŸ™‚

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