More Art Fun



Autumn Leaf

So here are more practice pieces, the likes of which I hope will help my friend save her mother’s house.  I’m thinking of offering prints for sale, or you can claim one by donating at least $50.00 to my friend’s fund raiser to help her mother stay in her house.

I’m working on creating more, with the hope that finished pieces are (for good reason) more likely to get people to want them than theoretical pieces.

The leaf, I’m still itching to do more to it… I think I might add a bit of shadow around some edges to give the impression it’s sitting on the page rather than floating in space…  We’ll see.  It’s fun to play, these are all practice pieces, and I do learn more each time I do one.

Someday I hope to be able to take a watercolor course at the local college, unfortunately the times tend to be just outside of my convenient schedule, and even then the tuition is usually just outside of my ability to afford it.

Until then, I will continue to have much fun with my little watercolor pallet and the pad of watercolor paper my friend gave me ❤


2 thoughts on “More Art Fun

    • I didn’t like the mountain scene until I cut it up, actually. As one piece it struck me as trite and cliche, but when I cut it, the ‘negative’ sections added a dimension that I think brought the image to life, especially being off-balance.

      The leaf… actually I had been going for something else entirely and screwed up, and said “huh, that looks like a leaf instead. Okay, I’ll go with it.”

      LOL so yeah, practice pieces that didn’t turn out at all like I had wanted but still turned out, thankfully, in the end.

      So glad you like them! 🙂

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