Not Your Fairy Tale

I sleep four mattresses high,
And I guarantee if you put a pea at the bottom, I won’t feel it,
Because every morning when I wake up, I only have to prove myself to me.
Believe me, that’s a really high bar, and even four mattresses high, I don’t always reach it.

I am not a princess, so I’m not looking for a prince, but I won’t settle for a beast;
But if you fall somewhere in between then come join me for tea
And let me tell you some things you should know about me:

I’m not perfect, so don’t try to make me be, because I will disappoint you every time.
There are things about me I can’t tell you because I haven’t discovered them myself;
But I’ll never be satisfied with not knowing.  I’m still learning,
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Just because I’m up in a tower doesn’t mean I’m asking you to save me,
And just because I’m sleeping doesn’t mean you get to wake me,
And buster, you had better get to know me before you try to kiss me
Because I have a name and it isn’t ‘beauty’, and there’s a lot more to me than what you see.

Sure, I’ve kissed a few frogs in my day, but I only regret the risks I didn’t take,
Even though I know the apple that looks so sweet might turn bitter on my tongue;
I’m too busy chasing after my dreams to see if your glass slipper fits.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have time for you, but you’d better lace up your running shoes.
And shake that magic carpet out, then we can chase our dreams together,
Because I won’t be tethered.

If you still want to stay, then you’d better be prepared,
For I will laugh at things in my head that you won’t understand,
And I will fight for what I think is right, so you’d better take a stand,
And I will try as hard as I can to love the whole world with these small arms,

So when I come home bruised and beaten when it won’t let me, then I’ll need you to catch me.
But you don’t have to worry, I’ll never give so much away that I won’t have enough for you.
Maybe we won’t be happy ever after, because pain and anger are a part of this life,

But I’ll take the pain with the joy because I don’t want to miss a single moment.
My story isn’t over yet, I’m just cracking the cover,
There’s still time for a new face before I reach The End.

So if you think you’re brave enough to face the dragon that I can sometimes be,
And strong enough to ford my rivers of tears,
And if you can pass by the mountain of gold to light the lamp instead,
Then mister, take my hand and let’s fly, ’cause have we got a lot of living to get through.


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