Tequila Sunrise

“Mornin’, Angus.”

“Mornin’, Fred.”


“Mighty kind of you, Fred.”

“Just been down at the feed store. Looks as Johnson’s got himself a new batch of chickens.”

“What color?”

“Oh, white I s’pose.”

“Chickens usually are.  Think the lake monster’ll eat em?”

“Like as not.”

“Damn shame, that.”

“What Johnson’s doin’ buyin’ new chickens is beyond me.”

“Eggs, I s’pect.”

“Aye, eggs.”

“Not for meat, sure.  That young missus o’ his ain’t one for killin’ and pluckin’.  What he went and married her for, I can’t says I know.”

“Don’t cross a witch they say, Angus.”

“Sound advice, Fred.”

“Will you and the missus be coming out to the fair tonight?”

“Heard tell there’s gonna be a hangin’.”

“Aye.  Caught old Drake’s boy. Hidin’ up in some old mine.”

“Might come to see that.”

“Gonna be a dance and ice cream after.”

“Missus’ll like that.”

“Well, give our love. I’d better be gettin’ on home. Judy’s bridge club will just be gettin’ over. Best to clean the blood before it dries.”

“True enough, Fred.”

“Later, Angus.”

“Later, Fred.”

So, this was inspired by two different sources. The first was a fun writing contest to write a scene entirely in dialogue, no narrative.

The second, sadly, I can’t find the original to link. It was an amusing take on writing rules, tips, etc. One section was talking about how dialogue in books should be somewhat different than in reality, and should convey information, not just random chatter. If you have random chatter, make it have some extraordinary twist to justify it being there.

The example given was about someone getting new chickens, they were white, as most chickens are, and wondering if the lake monster would eat them. I ran with the rest of the conversation.


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