More Haibun and Watercolor

So, I guess this poetry style really got to me, so I made another one, and am playing with trying to make a watercolor for it.  That is going… better than I thought, not as well as I hoped?  I’ll give you the poem and the in-progress illustration, though.


Sacred Varanasi

mango and white rice
senses filled with beauty in
the land of the gods

The sweet scent of Brahma Kamal carries on the evening air and mingles with the steam off the tea. Stone steps lead to the river of heaven, where offerings of flower petals and candles float among the women bathing in the Ganges.  With hennaed hands pressed palm to palm, eyes cast down in prayer. Cotton saris, resplendent in bright colors and gold threaded patterns, cling to umber bodies and glisten in the last rays of the sun before it begins the night journey across the far side of the world.

orange and lime green sky
heaven gazes in envy
the blessed call this home


In progress: Woman Bathing in the Ganges


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