Writing Update

So if there is anything at all that is guaranteed to kill my creativity – or at least severely wound it – it’s conflict and stress.  Both of which I’ve had in abundance the last couple of days.

Mostly from work.  Part of it being I-hate-being-a-supervisor stuff, part being the prospect of going into some mandatory overtime because of short-scheduling and being woefully behind.  I’m looking at somewhere around 12-14 hr days, excluding weekends at present but who knows what may come next.

To that end, I will try very hard to continue to write and post, but it may not be daily for the immediate future, hopefully this won’t last more than a couple weeks.

The Tower is still being worked on, but it’s going very slow due to the aforementioned stress and conflict, and soon to be lack of time, so I apologize and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy whatever I can manage to provide.



7 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. Oh no… ‘Eliza’!!! You were so AWESOME about writing every day! This saddens me! Don’t let the corporate world suck the creativity and joy you produce out of you!

    You’d finally beaten them, and did what most writers struggle to do: write every day! Not only do you write every day, you write damned good sh*% too!

    I hope the stress and viciousness from your job lighten and I hope you get back to writing every day. Don’t let it get to you!!

    • I’m sorry, what I meant was I won’t be *posting* daily for the immediate future. I’ll still be writing, just… it’s harder and I’m not getting enough done in a day to post a completed section.

      Worry not, I’m still writing *something* every day, but updates might take a few.

      But thank you so much for your kind comment. 🙂

    • Thank you. I am trying to get anything, even if it’s just one word, done every day. I did manage to get an entry done over three days, basically wrote it the first and second, then made it not suck on the third 😉

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