The Maiden of The Tower

It was called ‘The Tower’ because of it’s long, cylindrical shape; a low-orbit research station around planet T-IV in the Tabit solar system. It was a pinnacle of technology; a shining beacon in scientific advancement, fully automated with artificial intelligence units and automatons to tend all tasks too menial or time consuming for the scientists. Every leading scientist of his or her field had applied for a spot. Forty-one had been chosen.

That had all ended twenty years ago. A botanical sample from the planet contained an unknown virus which, undetected by their tests, slipped through quarantine. Every inhabitant of the station perished. All of them but one. Tabitha Rampion.

Tabitha Rampion was born to the station’s communication’s officer, Lieutenant Brice Rampion, and a brilliant young botanist, Lisa Madani. She was named after the system’s star, or at least, that had been the intention. The virus which took the lives of the others spared her, and the station’s AI delivered a healthy baby girl by perimortem cesarean.

Because the last transmission sent from the Tower was a category Omega quarantine order – the most severe possible which carried the death penalty for anyone who would attempt to bypass it, assuming they survived their folly – no one had any idea that a little baby had survived.


[Part II]

Yay, new story series!  Sorry for the short intro, it’s late.


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