The Red Dress

visual prompt by Debbie Ohi

No more would she be just the woman behind the desk, taking names and phone numbers and scheduling appointments for other people. No more would she be the tight bun and glasses, the non-descript and entirely unmemorable person who served only as the gateway between client and consultant. No more would she keep her dreams tucked in a little box under her bed with the tiny glass bottle she had found at the beach, an opalescent duck feather, and the love letter she had received in sixth grade.

She took off her gray twill suit and glasses, let down her long hair, left her shoes by the bed, and slipped on her red dress with the gypsy skirt and little beads sewn into the pattern.

Then, without so much as a by-your-leave to the world’s demands and adult responsibilities, she went down to the park and ran into the woods, and there she danced.



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