Warning Label

Do not operate heavy equipment
When under the influences of:
Alcohol, drugs, prescription medication,
Cough syrup, laxatives, sleep deprivation,
Freezing conditions, wintery precipitation,
Nighttime hours, prolonged solar radiation,
Seasonal depression, extended illumination,
Oppressive supervisor, co-worker confrontation,
Marital discord, hypnosis, meditation,
Excessive heat, or other hazardous situation.
With all the injuries that may befall,
Just don’t operate heavy machinery at all.

Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompt 186

For this week’s prompt, write an operation poem. There are many types of operations. In fact, medical operations alone are so varied that a surgeon could put together a whole book of operational procedures. Then, there are military operations and more general uses of the word operation. Some might even say we have a neat poetry operation happening at Poetic Asides (and they’d be right).]

Hate to leave the last story hanging but I honestly have no idea what to write next, so have a poem and I’ll think up something by tomorrow!  (That’s what authors do, right?  Think their way out of corners?)


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