Rabbit Run

Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompt: Golf Fundraiser Takes An Interesting Turn (500 words or fewer)

You’re on a golf course taking part in a fundraiser to cure a disease that’s near and dear to your heart. On the 11th hole, you hit a ball into the woods. While searching for that ball, you see a white rabbit that stops, looks you right in the eye and says, “Follow me.”

You don’t follow, of course, because you are a sane, rational human being who knows that rabbits can’t speak. You turn around, intent on marching yourself right back out of those woods – the golf ball be damned – but no matter which way you turn you can see nothing but forest stretching out around you.

Just a trick of the woods, you tell yourself. You know the green is just a few paces behind you – no, in front of you, you’ve turned around. Now you’re disoriented, unable to tell quite which way it was you had come.

“Follow. Me,” the rabbit says again, voice more commanding now. It reaches for you, hands closing around your arm. Forgetting why this should not be possible, you run, bumping into soft trees here and there in your panic. The sound of your shouts seems foreign to your ears, echoed back at inconstant intervals.

The underbrush becomes denser, harder to push through. Soon you are forced to stop, the forest offering no way forward. The rabbit is right behind you, it pushes you down and you fight to escape but the roots of the trees have curled around your wrists and ankles, holding you.

Looming over you now, the rabbit produces a small snake. Its body is clear, and it has a silver tongue. The rabbit pushes it against your arm and the snake bites you. You can feel the venom seeping into your veins and up to your shoulder. Just before you fall asleep, you recognize the nurse in the white coat from the psychiatric ward. He is holding a needle.


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