Craft Day!

What could possibly be more natural for a writer than making paper?  Okay, maybe making an ink and quill, but I didn’t do that.


Seriously, just now, downstairs, I made my very own sheets of paper!  They’re on my front porch drying.  Right now!

In case you’re wondering, I pretty much just woke up today and told myself: ‘Self… let’s make paper.’

I then spent a few hours scouring the web and youtube to figure out how to do it.  Lacking the frame and deckle that everyone says I need (but when have I ever listened?) I made my own version from a plastic embroidery hoop and a bit of netted cloth.

Hand made paper

Which, yes, means my paper is round.

But I’m totally diggin’ the round!  It’s like… a paper… taco shell, that I can totally fill with delicious bits of writing!

Fun with color!

I didn’t have any food coloring so I grabbed some of my silk dyes and used those.  And kind of cannibalized some of my house plants for interesting leaves to add.

So exciting to actually have my very own hand made pieces of paper I can write on! I’m thinking of taking some of my short stories or poems and writing them by hand on homemade paper. Maybe put some up on Etsy?

First three finished and dried pages.

Isn’t the internet just the greatest thing ever!?

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