Today’s writings were all inspired by pictures.
(note: none of these pictures belong to me)

Drawing © Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Layer upon layer, a slow build up, bit by bit over time so it creeps up on you and before you even know it, you’re lost.

It starts when you’re little, when you don’t even know any better. “Be nice to your Aunt. Don’t frown so. Say thank you to your brother.” Each one, another piece carefully constructed.

Soon it isn’t others telling you, it’s yourself. “Fit in. Smile so they like you. Don’t talk about the bad things.” They lay so easily over those first layers that you hardly even notice anymore. You notice these ones, they’re uncomfortable but you need them. You need them.

Eventually it isn’t even a conscious thing anymore. You’re just so used to it, it’s automatic. Layer up on layer. “Pretend you didn’t have a big fight last night. Act more confident than you feel. Don’t let them see your real feelings. Laugh at their jokes.”

Until one day you’re standing in front of the mirror and you can’t even see your own face. You don’t even know what you really look like, the mask is so well constructed, blended so well with your skin.

But someday that mask is going to crack. All those layers are going to unravel, and you’ll be left wondering if you even know who you are anymore. You don’t know how to live without the mask: the plastered smiles and painted features that give the world what they want to see.

Someday you’ll have to peel it away and rediscover yourself.

Source: Get Scribbling

Just fish in a pond
Not realizing the world is so much bigger
Than a little blue puddle
With a muddy bottom

Just fish in a pond
Clamoring for fresh oxygen at the surface
Or a nibble of bread crumbs
That the ducks let fall

Just fish in a pond
Huddled together in shiny-scaled schools
Make such easy pickings
For the man with the net

Just fish in a pond
Thrashing and gasping for a breath of water
Lying weak and helpless
On the stony shore

Just fish in a pond
Going about their fishy lives, day by day
Never knowing all along
They’re just fish in a pond


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